Golf Wedges: When And How To Use Them To Your Benefit

Golf Wedges: When And How To Use Them To Your Benefit

Among all golf clubs in a set, models of this kind have the highest loft. They can come in handy in numerous situations and bring significant benefits.

Thus, if you are a true golf enthusiast, the chances are that you have a few wedges in your bag.

However, do you think they are spaced, right?

If you are not quite sure of this, our article will help you learn more about this type of clubs, its main features, and get tips on how to choose them correctly.

All You Need To Learn About Wedges

These clubs are created to handle different hits, including chip shots, short approach hits, those hits when you need to take the ball off the sand, etc. They are similar to irons. However, they offer a better sharpness during the ball’s ascent and descent.

Today, we have four different types of these clubs: Pitching; Gap; Sand; and Lob.

All these types are different and meant for a specific purpose. Therefore, a player should have a complete set to have more versatility.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can choose just any wedges. In a matter of fact, each of them should complement the others and in the following part of our article, we will tell you how to choose them wisely.

Key Tips For The Best Lofts Spacing

Now, here is one important thing to remember – all players need to have wedges in their bags. However, it is important to make sure that you have the right gaps between your wedges.

To help you make the right choice, we have collected the main rules of the proper spacing:

  • Pay attention to your set of clubs – before opting for specific models, figure out how many clubs you have or want to have in your toolbox. If this number is 10, we would recommend adding four wedges, and if it’s 11, then you can opt for three. Following this rule will help you set the right balance. In other words, you will have a perfect club for every type of shot!
  • Keep in mind the loft of your PW – choosing your wedges, make decisions based on your pitching model’s loft. To get an ideal combination, choose wedges that have a gap from four to five degrees. Let’s say your pitching wedge is 45, then next one should be about 48-50 degrees, and so on.
  • Have a gap wedge – you need to have at least three wedges including sand and pitching one, plus one in between. This will give you more flexibility during the game.
  • It is possible to bend a wedge to reach the needed spacing – in case you have figured out that your golf wedge lofts are messed up just now, there is no need to worry and spend money on the new ones. Keep in mind that all wedges can be bent a little to change their degree!
  • High-lofted wedges – if you are looking for a wedge that will let you get the ball in the air faster, you might be shopping for an ultra-high lofted option. In this case, we believe that the 58-degree sand wedge will be a perfect option for you. It will offer the best versatility. Besides, if you complement it with a 50-degree gap and 45-degree pitching wedge, you will have a perfect combination.
  • Final tip – choosing the right golf equipment is vital, but it has never been easy! Even if you know all the rules of gapping and selecting the right wedges, you may need to consult with your fitter to choose the best options!


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