NFL Players Union is After Sports Betting Revenue

NFL Players Union is After Sports Betting Revenue

Two sides of American football, the NFL Players Association and NFL are currently debating about the new collective agreement (CBA), figuring out the terms that will make everyone happy.

The agreement has been contentious to a degree, and few weeks from now everything is expected to be resolved.

Among number of entries, there are some not welcomed, and some being massively supported by the athletes. One of such entries is related to betting revenue. 

North America is slowly starting to embrace sports betting, which NFL recognised on time and allowed the distribution of official league data to sportsbook companies, as well as letting the teams find sponsors among sports betting operators.

While the new advent of sports betting is on the rise, athletes want a larger piece of  the revenue from it.

Everyone wants a piece of the action

It is to be expected that the league will see profit from welcoming the sportsbooks.

After all, sports gambling industry is on the rise worldwide, especially in North America where regulations are lifting the restrictions and opening up the market to new potentials.

Although revenue-sharing agreements which grant players a percentage of the revenue are already in place, NFLPA wants to see increase in this since there is an increase in revenue share in general. 

List of proposed changes regarding the new CBA have been carefully studied by the players union to ensure best possible outcome for players.

According to the union, they wanted to change new gambling definitions so that players will be included in the definition of All Revenue, which means players would get portion of revenue share even from non-football activities. 

Certain provisions from the contract could start as early as this year, even though current CBA doesn’t officially end until after the upcoming season is finished.

Among other changes, team owners have proposed expanding the regular season to 17 games, one game up from the current 16. However, players are concerned about the impact this extension will have on their health so it is not clear if fans are going to enjoy one extra game or not. 

New CBA could be delayed, but many are confident about positive outcome

New deals proposals and negotiations might prevent the CBA from being accepted, leading to delays and a possible stand-still ahead of the 2021-2022 season, although many believe it will not come to this.

A reputable attorney who has worked with many NFL players in the past, Darren Heitner, is one of those people.

DeMaurice Smith, NFLPA Executive Director is also confident that CBA will see approval. In any case, athletes are going to be pleased with the new agreements, as the union and owners have managed to close some great deals, like the extra $100 000 for the bottom sixty percent of players who are receiving the league minimum.

Sports betting expected to see massive growth over the next couple of years

Canada and USA are two countries where sports betting is expected to grow rapidly, following newly established regulations.

Formula is fail-proof – both countries have millions of sports fans with some money in their pockets, and most sports teams want to get their hands on betting revenue share.

On the other hand, casino companies are smart as always. Online sports betting is usually just another category on their websites.

Poker, blackjack and even slot games like Rainbow Riches have been built into the overall experience you get from visiting such websites, which will surely lead to spending some additional money even if your initial goal was to bet on some games. 


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