The First talkingbaws FIFA Cup – All The Details

The First talkingbaws FIFA Cup – All The Details

We’re going to be hosting a number of online gaming tournaments over the coming weeks – and we kick those off with the talkingbaws FIFA Cup.

Before you get too excited, you have to be playing on PlaySation 4 to begin with. We’ll work on something for you Xbox One players soon so don’t worry!

The big things you need to know when thinking about entering are:

  • You must be 16 or over
  • It’s a 32-player tournament so it’s first come first served
  • PlayStation 4 only
  • Communication done through our Discord server. You can download the app here.

Here’s a full rundown of the tournament details and requirements:

Entry details: Only 32 entrants on first come first served basis before all entrants are filled up. Entrants must be able to participate on the specified day at the specified times or the tournament organiser reserves the right to disqualify them. Entrants must be 16 or over. Entrants must submit their PSN username and Discord username to the tournament organiser. They must also be able to communicate with opposing players using the Discord app.

Game and console requirements: Entrants must be using FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4.

Game rules: Players must submit a screenshot of the game result via Discord. If the tournament organiser has a reason to believe there has been foul play, both players will be required to submit a video clip of the game. The tournament organiser reserves the right to disqualify anyone suspected, or found guilty, of cheating. Cheating includes lying about the score or disconnecting. If a player disconnects during the game, the win will automatically be awarded to their opponent.

Team selection: Pre-tournament, we will select 32 teams that will be used in the tournament. We will then randomly pair those teams with entrants before drawing a random tournament line-up.

Prize: A football shirt of your choice* (subject to availability). *To the value of £100 or less.

So, the tournament kicks off on Wednesday, March 18th at 6pm and will run until 9.30pm IF you manage to make the final.

Here’s the schedule we’re running to. Note that each round will kick off at the same time and be played simultaneously:

First round
32 total teams
16 total games
Kick-off time – 6pm

Second round
16 total teams
8 total games
Kick-off time – 6.45pm

8 total teams
4 total games
Kick-off time – 7.30pm

4 total teams
2 total games
Kick-off time – 8.15pm

2 total teams
1 total game
Kick-off time – 9pm

That’s all we have for now. If you want to get involved, you can either DM us on Twitter or Instagram with your full name, age, email address, PSN username and Discord username. We’ll sort out the rest!


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