Fun Things That Sports Fans Can Do At Home During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Fun Things That Sports Fans Can Do At Home During The Coronavirus Lockdown

With real-life events being postponed or canceled since the coronavirus outbreak, sports fans are desperately hoping for the end of the pandemic. Following the near-global lockdown, major league games have been brought to an abrupt halt, and minor league matches are very scarce. You may be unable to attend or watch any football, basketball, soccer, or hockey games, but you are certainly not out of entertainment options. Here are a few ways sports fans can up fun factor in isolation:

Switch To Casino Gaming

Many a sportsbook lover have dabbled into casino gaming at one time or another. Most online casinos will offer you a range of online slots in the sports genre. You get to experience the excitement of your favorite sports and earn some cash while doing so. Try football slots like 123Goal! And 2016 Gladiators or basketball slots like Basketball Pro & Basketball Star. In these games, in-built features are accompanied by superior graphics and engaging plots. Join a casino site with a generous no deposit bonus offer, and you can double or even triple your funds as well as receive numerous free spins on choice titles.

Give Video Games A Try

Everyone probably has a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation lying around the house somewhere. Assuming you have never had a video game console, you must have a PC or a smartphone. If the answer is yes, then your self-isolation is about to take a whole new turn. The most popular sports usually have a digital counterpart. Playing NBA 2K or FIFA online is an exhilarating experience. There is no better way to fill the void left by the absence of real-life events. Some other great options include:

• NFL Blitz
• NHL 20
• Madden NFL 20
• MLB The Show 20

Home consoles like Mario Tennis may be considered an oddball. However, this retro-style game from the Mario universe is suitable for kids and adults who would like to relive their childhood memories.

These games don’t disappoint when it comes to excitement. Spice it up with some friendly competition by challenging other players to a match.

Join The E-sports Trend

Boxing fans will mind blown to find out about the new WBSS tournament series being streamed online. The fights are entirely simulated with computer software and feature famous heavyweights in their most historic moments.

Formula 1 has also streamed its first Grand Prix in virtual mode, and more companies are working towards replacing canceled games in this format. Celebrities and notable personalities from around the world play against each other and more and more people are tuning in to these games. The e-sports series also features the full pundit, competitors, and a commentary team all participating remotely.

Take The Old School Route With Board Games

The sports theme is relatively underused among tabletop games. However, these gems will leave you coming back more after each round. Baseball Highlights 2045, Automobiles, Flamme Rouge, and Formula D are some of the popular titles in the genre. Order any one of these board game sets online and get into full gear with every roll of the dice. Some of the games come with cool mini avatars and other props. They do not only bring the element of fun, but you will find that they are quite stimulating mentally. Post-lockdown, sports-themed board games may just become your go-to.

Play Sports Your Own Way

Even though you are not able to watch a soccer game in real-life, you can play soccer IRL right in your home. Go out to your garden, or create an area indoors that can stand in as a field. Give your legs a good workout because they are probably sleepy from lying about all day. Get the “best parent” title from your kids when you let them play their favorite sports around the house. Another fantastic home sport is ping pong. Set up the table and watch time fly as you get engrossed in the game.

We may have been forced into isolation, but there are more than a few ways to keep the sports spirit alive.


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