The Strangest Places Tour Players’ Golf Balls Have Ended Up

The Strangest Places Tour Players’ Golf Balls Have Ended Up

Over the years, the game of golf has seen players’ balls ending up in lots of different places than where the golfers intended. But with some shots, the golf balls almost seem to have minds of their own. Here is a look at six of the strangest places tour players’ golf balls have ended up.

Sergio Garcia’s Tree-mendous Shot

At the Bay Hill Invitational in 2013, Sergio Garcia hit the ball only for it to end up wedged in a fork of a tree trunk! As if that was not miraculous enough, instead of taking a drop, Garcia simply hit the ball out of the tree first-time and it landed back on the fairway.

Phil Mickelson in Double Trouble

In the second round of the 2014 Barclays, Phil Mickelson aimed for the green on the short par 4, 5th hole. But the ball ended up in the hospitality stand. Without flinching, Mickelson calmly walked into the stand and hit the ball out. Unfortunately, the recovery was botched, and he bogeyed the hole. However, what makes this moment really stand out as strange is that Mickelson shot the ball into the very same grandstand in the third round. Nobody betting on the game could have predicted such a coincidence. But at least second-time-around Mickelson was able to hit the green and recover a par.

Rory McIlroy Is Stuck

When Rory McIlroy was nursing a one-shot lead in the 2011 Masters, he snap-hooked his tee-shot on the 10th hole so far left that it ended up being wedged between the patrons’ houses. Despite the setback, McIlroy was very much still in the running. He just needed to get a bogey, birdie 13, and pick up another at 15, but it was not to be. By the time he was walking off the 18th hole green, he was counting up an 80, which was one of the highest final round scores of a Sunday morning leader in Masters history.

Rory McIlroy Is at it Again

Despite being a world number one and a four-time major champion, Rory McIlroy seems to have had much worse luck than other pro golfers in terms of strange places his ball has ended up. As you will have noticed, this is his second entry on this list, and we are not done yet. In 2019, McIlroy blasted his drive so far wide on the par 5 of the 15th hole that it landed in a golf buggy. But wait! It did not just land in the cart. It actually landed in the golf buggy’s glove box!

Jim Furyk Rocks a Shot

At the AT&T Pro-Am in 2015, on the par 5, 6th hole at Pebble Beach, Jim Furyk hit his ball over the side of the cliffs. It became stranded halfway down. Furyk had two options. He could take a drop or try to clip the ball back into play from down on the rocks. He decided to do the latter. The crowd of fans held their breath as Furyk disappeared from view down the cliffs. Then, there was a brief glimpse of his club, and the sound of flying rocks before his ball miraculously landed on the fairway. It was truly a remarkable shot.

Rory McIlroy’s Third Miracle

Yes, it is Rory McIlroy again. His third entry on this list is rather remarkable. Sure, golf balls occasionally, unfortunately, end up hitting fans. But McIlroy shot a ball that hit a fan and then landed in the person’s trouser pocket! The incredible moment happened on the 14th hole of the second round of the Tour Championship in 2014.


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