Jamie Young’s Journey To The Top

Jamie Young’s Journey To The Top

We all have heard of Jamie Young, the young player who left Australia at the age of 17, to sign for his first team, Reading, in the UK. Jamie has pretty much seen it all within his career, so we thought it would be good to take a trip down memory lane to really discuss his rise and journey all the way to the peak of his career. There was a time when Jamie Young was part of many odds and bets at the best of sport betting sites like Sportsbet, and you would have been able to bet the amount of goals he would save within any game. Jamie Young was every punter’s payout dream at certain times!

So, more about Young. His first position within the UK champions football league was when he joined Reading at the age of 17. Jamie continued to play there, right up until he established that he could not make the break he needed for his career. So, in 2006, Jamie sadly left Reading. Sport media outlets like Sky Sports called it a very unfortunate loss indeed and called his goalkeeping top level in the Australian football world.

The next club he decided to join was the Wycombe Wanderers, where he unfortunately earned himself some injuries that he could not really shake off in the process of his career. Some say it was the injuries that could not really help him progress forward and just made him drop down to positions within the lower leagues of UK’s football clubs. There were for more appearances in teams after Wycombe, but even then, they never really equated to a large position in the league tables sadly.

It was after all the appearances within the UK lower league teams, that he then decided it was time to go back home and try for a career back in Australia. In 2014, he landed back down under, signing up to the club Roar. Unfortunately, he was not the first choice as goalkeeper and was often kept on the side, while Michael Theo took all the opportunities to play on the field. It was not until Theo got injured, that Young was able to get his opportunity as the Roar’s main goalkeeper.

As the goalkeeper for the Australian team, Young managed to get two awards in 2018 and 2019, as the best A-League goalie for these consecutive years. He also received recognition for his 2017-2018 period too. The Roar could be seen as the club that made Young’s career as he has since then made over 100 appearances as the lead goalkeeper. Despite all the set-backs, he finally was able to feel like his hard work had paid off.

He always quoted in his many interviews, that his progress could only have been made, if it was not for the few setbacks that he had gone through in the past couple of years. He always assesses the moments that are difficult in his life, and looks at how he can actually overcome it. This was definitely made to be, due to the persistence in his self-belief. He never did not pick himself up from the ground. He basically just kept going regardless.

An example of his persistence and self-belief, was during the seasons 2019/2020. He was unfortunately not appointed as the lead goal keeper when Max Crocombe came from the UK. For the first 7-8 games, Young was not selected as a goalkeeper. It was not until after that he was then taken for the next games leading up to now. He managed to win his spot back through patience and resilience. ABC sports have always favoured Young and his talents, some saying they were secret advocates for the individual. Nevertheless, he is a true Australian goalkeeper legend!


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