Full Stop – A Vacuous Vaccum?

Full Stop – A Vacuous Vaccum?

Full Stop

With the news that a further lockdown has led to the whole of January becoming a wholesale domestic boxing dessert – both BIBA and the BBB of C have announced no shows for the month – we are somewhat left with plenty to talk about but nothing new to discuss. And into that void, that vaccum there lies danger. We need to fill it with something worthy…

The last lockdown gave us plenty of knockdowns – to egos and in the rings – as we saw fighters give up opportunities in defeat – Dillian Whyte, Jono Carroll and Anthony Yarde being but three. They did not duck a challenge and they went into the ring in order to prove their points. That they came out with less than they presented at the start is a credit in their favour – they did not hide away.

The strength in depth of British boxing gave us new names as well including the exotic Albanian Florian Marku as well as the Croatian Savage, Allen Babic. British fighters like Craig Richards and Sam Eggington fought back into contention for bigger and better fights and it was all more than just a jolly thing – it was a great feast served in the midst of a massive famine.

Boxing entertained, it came back, and it gave and gave and gave…

But what it has given, being what it is, there is always the possibility that it shall now attempt to take it all away.

To that end, we have the tents circling and the man in whole face paints with funny feet ready to soil the ring…

The circus which was building up, as if it were the saviour of the sport, is the celebrity match ups and they must, disappear with the pugilist vaccine of better things to watch to wipe it away.

Let’s start with the hound for the pound or the dollar man himself, TBE, Floyd Mayweather. Whilst there was genuine needle in the fight with Conor MacGregor – and an entertaining contest – what is he doing offering to fight a Youtuber? There is nothing that will affect his legacy more than the pathetic foible of pursuing popularity with a new audience.

Then we have the old guys – Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr was a decent fight. Glenn McCrory versus Jones Jr? or De La Hoya versus GGG? Or Mayweather? Please God – no!

Any fighter who crosses the Octagon to get into a square ring gets plaudits from me but any person who gets gloves on and fancies a dust up to settle scores – no thank you.

And that includes Eddie Hall, 2017 World’s Strongest Man taking on Hathor Bjornson, 2019 World’s Strongest Man. I have little idea when they shall share a ring, but I have no desire to witness it.

We are blessed with one time Mayweather opponent McGregor is back in the UFC. Though he was saying that he was concentrating on his Manny Pacquiao fight, I am glad to see him back where I think he is at his most entertaining.

Though I would be glad to see him share a ring again, the rest can spend their time finding crochet to do rather than trying to noodle with our boxing brains – therin lies a vacuous process….


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